The Art of Seduction by London Escorts

London is a city awash with art exhibitions throughout the year offering minor shows from relatively unknown artists in the city’s many privately run galleries to major exhibitions and retrospectives of world famous artists at galleries such as the Tate Modern and The National Gallery. In London you will find something for every taste and preference in the arts world and for those of you with a passion for erotic impressionist art there is currently an exhibition at the Courtauld by Egon Schiele.

This Impressionist is one of the most important artists of the twenty first century to many, though his name remains insignificant. Outside of the art world, Schiele was relatively unknown but his nudes and Exclusive Escorts were ground-breaking and can be counted among some of the most significant contributions to the development of modern art. Schiele’s career was short but urgent and he produced a large amount of highly stylized works mainly focused on the human form. Schiele was the protégé of Gustav Klimt, the world famous Austrian figurative painter and the most prominent member of the Vienna Secession movement, whose primary subject was the female body.

Schiele’s work is known for its intensity, his bodies are twisted and electrifyingly frank. His unflinching depictions of the naked body make his works highly influential and an important landmark in the history of art. Schiele’s first major UK solo exhibition ‘The Radical Nude’ is currently on display at the Coutauld in London and will be the first opportunity we have to fully appreciate Schieles fleshy and provocative depiction of the male and female body. Many of his works are explicit, portraying couples in the act of love making and individual male and female nudes with their breasts and genitals revealed in all their natural glory.


Egon Schiele’s love for women and the female body is illuminated in this ‘erotic’ exhibition, his love for vaginas, breasts and stockings is clearly apparent and obviously unabashed in his revealing works. Many modern artists of his age including figures such as Picasso were unflinching misogynists portraying women in their works with fear and loathing. Schiele however, sets himself apart from them as an artist who has nothing but admiration for women, finding delight and inspiration in the vagina. Schiele puts women at the centre of his art, he depicts women in his work unlike any other male artist before him.

Women since the renaissance when depicted in art works are often in the sidelong position, concealing the full glory of her vagina in a pose chosen and accepted by the male artist. Schiele allows the woman to face towards him accentuating her sexy stockings, long legs and beautiful vagina, Schiele can be described as one of the first male feminists. For Schiele, sex is beautiful and the body is to be celebrated in all its naked glory.


Erotic exhibitons in London have been shown to be quite a crowd puller, if the Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese art exhibition at the British Museum is anything to go by then the Courtauld can expect high numbers of visitors. The Shunga exhibition featured highly erotic paintings produced in Japan between 1600 and 1900. Shunga could be described as early pornography; the explicit images show males and females and female couples at the moment of sexual penetration. Shunga was a hidden art, found in sex manuals from the eighth century onwards and was banned in Japan for most of the twentieth century. The exhibition was expected to draw around forty thousand people, but on the final day of the exhibition over eighty eight thousand visitors had been to the exhibition, more than doubling their expected target.

Shunga-1 Shunga-2

From the images above you can see the explicit nature of the works and why the exhibition attracted such a large crowd. It is not often images of such an explicit nature would be showed so publicly in a major gallery but these works took true artistic talent to produce. With our ever more accepting attitude to sex and sexual fantasy due to books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl which tells the trials and tribulations of being a high class escort, the British obviously didn’t want to miss an opportunity to openly enjoy the art of sex portrayed so gloriously and explicitly in our national gallery.

Erotic art is becoming ever more popular and as London and the British public become ever more adventurous and accepting of sex, I am sure erotic exhibitions in London are going to become something of the norm.