Party Time Madness at Manchester Universities

The city of Manchester has no fewer than three world renowned Universities which are within a 2 mile radius of each other; University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University. Hence, Greater Manchester has the enviable reputation of the highest student community in Europe and makes Manchester the pinnacle place to party with peers in the United Kingdom.

All three highly acclaimed Manchester Universities have internationally recognised research departments which carry out and contribute revolutionary innovation to the world stage on a regular basis. The most highly acclaimed of the three universities in Greater Manchester is the Red Brick, Russell Group, University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PL, currently ranked 8th in the UK and home to The 33rd most prestigious university in the world boasting a global powerhouse in its own right. The university in its current status was established in 2004 from the integration of UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester. Following this it has become the largest single-site university in the world with 40,000 plus students. The university library comprises of over 4 million books and surely helped create the 25 Nobel Prize Winners here in Manchester.

The University of Manchester escorts specialisation in a number of areas most notably the sciences, including Neuroscience and metal health. The research is recognised and admired globally and this Manchester University has been responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries in recent times, it was the birth place of Nuclear Physics, Ernest Rutherford who split the atom here in 1971. Artificial intelligence, AI, was pioneered here by the computer genius Alan Turing, and Graphene the world’s strongest and thinnest material was discovered here just a few years ago. The University boasts many notable alumni, including an impressive twenty-five Nobel Prize winners in an array of fields. Extraordinary! Also, one of the current professors and former graduate, Professor Brian Cox advocate for the university its physics programme, as well as endearing a completely new generation of aspiring scientists to this most fascinating of the sciences. Another famous past student is none other than thespian Benedict Cumberbatch, Britain’s darling of both the stage and screen studied drama and honed his craft at Manchester University. Other notables include well-loved comedians and writers RIk Mayall and Ben Elton.

Manchester Metropolitan University Sandra Burslem Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Lower Ormond Street, Manchester, M15 6BH is the cities second university. With its history deeply rooted in the industrial past of this great city Manchester, it embodies the spirit of the region. With its roots in Manchester School of Design (1838) and the Manchester Mechanics Institution (1824) it has changed its status numerous times over the past two centuries.

Finally achieving full university status in 1992 it is now the fifth largest university in the whole of the United Kingdom when ranked by student numbers. The University boasts many accolades, including receiving more national awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects than any other university over the past five years, a result of the Universities dedication to high quality design and innovative approach to architecture.

MMU an abbreviation for Manchester Metropolitan University has eight separate research institutions which employ researchers in a number of different areas that are classified as world-class experts in their field. Research subjects include environmental conservation, as well as inspiration in art and design, education and the social sciences. Many of the nation’s well-loved faces have attended Manchester Metropolitan University over the years. These include two-time BAFTA award winning actress Julie Walters CBE, comedian and Hollywood actor Steve Coogan and comedian John Bishop. Also, revered artist responsible for those most iconic images of industrial era Manchester, artist L.S. Lowry, no less.

Just outside the boundaries of the City of Manchester can be found the cities third university, Salford University, whose main campus is 1.5 miles west of the City Centre but still very much one of the Greater Manchester Universities. Salford University, 43 Crescent, Salford, M5 4WT is smaller than its two neighbouring universities. However, with just under twenty thousand Manchester students and some unique courses which are not provided anywhere else in the country it has a huge amount to offer. Former Chancellors of the university have included none other the HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and Sarah, Duchess of York.

The prosthetics and orthotics department situated in the School of Health, Sport, and Rehabilitation is the only place in the country to train students in these skills at a higher education level. Meaning, when you notice someone with a false limb, it is highly probable it was designed and created by a former Salford University undergraduate. The linked area of podiatry can also be studied here and is one of a handful offered across the United Kingdom.

Salford University enters into multi-million-pound research projects with well-known brands such as Scholl to help to bring the very best advances in this area. Ever keen to be at the cutting edge and ensure that programmes compete amicably with its neighbours, Salford University has opened a research, learning and teaching facility within the massive investment project Media City UK. Ultimately boasting over 1,500 students who now have the opportunity to work alongside established professionals within a hugely competitive industry and use the latest cutting edge technologies.

All three Greater Manchester’s Universities have their own unique attributes and super excel in their specialist researching facilities. They each reflect Manchester’s long standing reputation for being a pioneering and forward thinking great city. Students relocate to Manchester from all over the UK and more so the world to study in this magical musical city. Manchester is without doubt the most exciting and avant-garde city on the planet and its thousands of students compete hard to be accepted by one of the 3 top universities here in the country.

Of course the appeal of Manchester’s party scene is essential contemplation to the university fresher and Google Manchester escorts who wishes to be an integral part of the infamous social and cultural scene which thrives in Manchester. Is it equal if not more important to the young minds joining us here soon?