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Exclusive Manchester Celebrity Grafene Bar and Restaurant opens its doors

When exploring the vibrant bustling city of Manchester, it is not only steeped in history, with beautiful scenery and majestic buildings and architecture but there are fabulous theatres, a shopaholic’s dream and much more, it also offers some of the country’s best bars and top restaurants. When venturing around the city of Manchester no corner can be turned with out there being somewhere to cater for everyone from every walk of life, no matter what it is they maybe looking for and if you venture to King Street you will see that the area has been reinvented with many new bars and restaurants opening their doors and which Sex in Manchester visits latest venues first? Yes the female sex knows the vibe in this incredible fashionable place to live lunch and love. The latest lavish venture to hit King Street in Manchester is unique restaurant Grafene, 55 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LQ, which opened its doors to the city in July.

“Graphene – a form of carbon consisting of planar sheets which are one atom thick, with the atoms arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice.” Graphene is the world’s first 2D material and was first isolated in 2004 at the Red Brick, Russell Group University of Manchester by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov and has become a global focus in the scientific and research world. The owners of Grafene restaurant, husband and wife Paul and Kathryn Roden created the concept for their new restaurant and bar inspired by Manchester’s rich history and have paid homage to the discovery of Graphene by Manchester University; it is their food and drink interpretation of the exciting possibilities for science and technology in Manchester city centre. The 1 million pound investment is the birth child of the Roden’s who have already cemented themselves in the hospitality world, the former Thistle Hotel director, Paul and his wife Kathryn are also owners of the four star hotel and spa Losehill House in the Peak District.

This modern exclusive British restaurant in Manchester is described by its owners as “A celebration of the future in a unique restaurant and bar.” Offering a seven course taster menu which includes mouth watering delights such as home-made breads, pigeon breast, pork tenderloin and many more culinary wonders, they also offer a range of starters, mains and deserts, from seared scallops to Himalayan salt aged beef fillet to baked goats curd cheesecake with strawberry sorbet. Grafene also offers brunch and lunch menus, with bar treats and even afternoon tea available.

Bringing the relaxed experience of the country to this bustling city of Manchester, executive chef Darren Goodwin has created a menu to run from breakfast to dinner with exciting eclectic ideas that will excite anyone who visits this new and upcoming establishment. In a nod to Graphene their cocktails are scientifically inspired, such as reinventing the classic cosmopolitan into the new “Mancohattan”, the 190 seat restaurant also plays host to an open pastry kitchen as well as two private dining areas and Manchester escorts only the most fashionable and top celebrities to this top venue in the heart of the city Grafene.
The attention to detail has clearly become paramount in the creation of Grafene, just as its inspiration itself, Graphene every detail and molecule has been carefully selected to create the perfect scientific atmosphere, the strong colour of graphite is the main backdrop to the arena, giving a cleverly simple homage to the Graphene material itself, then to add a luxurious, sex appeal to the space plush velvet chairs in hues of deep gold and purple grey and complimented by subtle touches of colour throughout the space, offering just enough ambience along with the soft lighting to create a masterpiece in interior design that will make any clientele of Grafene feel as though they are in the lap of pure luxury in Manchester city centre.

Party Time Madness at Manchester Universities

The city of Manchester has no fewer than three world renowned Universities which are within a 2 mile radius of each other; University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University. Hence, Greater Manchester has the enviable reputation of the highest student community in Europe and makes Manchester the pinnacle place to party with peers in the United Kingdom.

All three highly acclaimed Manchester Universities have internationally recognised research departments which carry out and contribute revolutionary innovation to the world stage on a regular basis. The most highly acclaimed of the three universities in Greater Manchester is the Red Brick, Russell Group, University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PL, currently ranked 8th in the UK and home to The 33rd most prestigious university in the world boasting a global powerhouse in its own right. The university in its current status was established in 2004 from the integration of UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester. Following this it has become the largest single-site university in the world with 40,000 plus students. The university library comprises of over 4 million books and surely helped create the 25 Nobel Prize Winners here in Manchester.

The University of Manchester escorts specialisation in a number of areas most notably the sciences, including Neuroscience and metal health. The research is recognised and admired globally and this Manchester University has been responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries in recent times, it was the birth place of Nuclear Physics, Ernest Rutherford who split the atom here in 1971. Artificial intelligence, AI, was pioneered here by the computer genius Alan Turing, and Graphene the world’s strongest and thinnest material was discovered here just a few years ago. The University boasts many notable alumni, including an impressive twenty-five Nobel Prize winners in an array of fields. Extraordinary! Also, one of the current professors and former graduate, Professor Brian Cox advocate for the university its physics programme, as well as endearing a completely new generation of aspiring scientists to this most fascinating of the sciences. Another famous past student is none other than thespian Benedict Cumberbatch, Britain’s darling of both the stage and screen studied drama and honed his craft at Manchester University. Other notables include well-loved comedians and writers RIk Mayall and Ben Elton.

Manchester Metropolitan University Sandra Burslem Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Lower Ormond Street, Manchester, M15 6BH is the cities second university. With its history deeply rooted in the industrial past of this great city Manchester, it embodies the spirit of the region. With its roots in Manchester School of Design (1838) and the Manchester Mechanics Institution (1824) it has changed its status numerous times over the past two centuries.

Finally achieving full university status in 1992 it is now the fifth largest university in the whole of the United Kingdom when ranked by student numbers. The University boasts many accolades, including receiving more national awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects than any other university over the past five years, a result of the Universities dedication to high quality design and innovative approach to architecture.

MMU an abbreviation for Manchester Metropolitan University has eight separate research institutions which employ researchers in a number of different areas that are classified as world-class experts in their field. Research subjects include environmental conservation, as well as inspiration in art and design, education and the social sciences. Many of the nation’s well-loved faces have attended Manchester Metropolitan University over the years. These include two-time BAFTA award winning actress Julie Walters CBE, comedian and Hollywood actor Steve Coogan and comedian John Bishop. Also, revered artist responsible for those most iconic images of industrial era Manchester, artist L.S. Lowry, no less.

Just outside the boundaries of the City of Manchester can be found the cities third university, Salford University, whose main campus is 1.5 miles west of the City Centre but still very much one of the Greater Manchester Universities. Salford University, 43 Crescent, Salford, M5 4WT is smaller than its two neighbouring universities. However, with just under twenty thousand Manchester students and some unique courses which are not provided anywhere else in the country it has a huge amount to offer. Former Chancellors of the university have included none other the HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and Sarah, Duchess of York.

The prosthetics and orthotics department situated in the School of Health, Sport, and Rehabilitation is the only place in the country to train students in these skills at a higher education level. Meaning, when you notice someone with a false limb, it is highly probable it was designed and created by a former Salford University undergraduate. The linked area of podiatry can also be studied here and is one of a handful offered across the United Kingdom.

Salford University enters into multi-million-pound research projects with well-known brands such as Scholl to help to bring the very best advances in this area. Ever keen to be at the cutting edge and ensure that programmes compete amicably with its neighbours, Salford University has opened a research, learning and teaching facility within the massive investment project Media City UK. Ultimately boasting over 1,500 students who now have the opportunity to work alongside established professionals within a hugely competitive industry and use the latest cutting edge technologies.

All three Greater Manchester’s Universities have their own unique attributes and super excel in their specialist researching facilities. They each reflect Manchester’s long standing reputation for being a pioneering and forward thinking great city. Students relocate to Manchester from all over the UK and more so the world to study in this magical musical city. Manchester is without doubt the most exciting and avant-garde city on the planet and its thousands of students compete hard to be accepted by one of the 3 top universities here in the country.

Of course the appeal of Manchester’s party scene is essential contemplation to the university fresher and Google Manchester escorts who wishes to be an integral part of the infamous social and cultural scene which thrives in Manchester. Is it equal if not more important to the young minds joining us here soon?

Celebrity Manchester Hotspot Alchemist Opens in Alderley Edge

Lavish multi million pound mansions grace the leafy country lanes of Alderley Edge while fast super-cars glide round the tree line bends with their perfectly manicured and gorgeous owners behind the wheel. Forming part of Cheshire’s golden triangle Alderley Edge is one of the wealthiest and most sort after locations to reside in the country. Here the residents and escorts are decked out in the finest designer outfits, diamonds grace their fingers, necks, ears and wrists, they are manicured to perfection, and they create a celebrity lifestyle and aesthetic that many aspire to.

Whether a resident to this area or simply stopping by to take advantage of the celebrity wine bars, restaurants or shops this fabulous location has to offer there is certainly an elegance and exclusivity which it exudes, and quickly becomes contagious. With many celebrity Manchester hot spots Alderley Edge is now competing to be the must place to go, there is no stopping this thriving exclusive area from keeping its spot in Cheshire’s glittering golden triangle only minutes from the celebrity hotspots in Manchester city centre.

The celebrity hot spot soon to be opening is The Alchemist, 46 London Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7DZ, part of the Exclusive Company Living Ventures, it seems as though nothing is stopping this Power House Company from taking over the social scene in Manchester and surrounding locations. With venues as ostentatious as Gusto and The Botanist already part of the Living Venture portfolio within Alderley Edge this incredible venue this summer will see them temporarily close their doors on their restaurant, Grill on the Edge, where an extensive refurbishment will take place for the opening of greatly anticipated The Alchemist, which will open for the celebrities later this summer.

The Alchemist has already cemented itself as one of the hot spot wine bars and restaurant in Spinningfields Manchester, located in the heart of the city, it is a place to be wined and dined by the most gorgeous Google escorts in Manchester. Within the four walls of The Alchemist they set to take patrons on a journey of “Molecular Mixology Madness” there to baffle, surprise and confound taste buds, their expert bar mixologists are on hand to concoct, shake and stir the most spectacular cocktails for all your senses and wow will your taste buds dribble and beg for more.

The atmosphere for The Alchemist, as in the Manchester establishment, has a rustic chemical feel, with enough added welcoming warmth to heat up the Exclusive Google Manchester escorts and their peers in Cheshire. Floor to ceiling windows offer a panoramic view of the venue its self, dazzled by night with soft lighting, the large copped bar adds to the theme of an Alchemist himself, as though surrounded by his tools and equipment. If their other venues are anything to go by then The Alchemist in Alderley Edge, Cheshire is sure to be a show stopper and the celebrity hotspot to head for.

They say an Alchemist is known for their work of trying to transform metal into gold and it can definitely be said that Living Ventures has transformed The Alchemist into pure solid gold celebrity status, pure perfection for the golden triangle of Cheshire, Just Perfect!

Come Visit Manchester

Do you want to know where to visit in Manchester? And where the best places to stay are in Manchester?
Trip advisor is bias. The Manchester tourist board is boring. We as residents know exactly where it is all happening in this Great city Manchester.

Greater Manchester has always celebrated its global music prowess and obviously its sporting football history with two world class football clubs in short distance of each other, Manchester United football club and Manchester City football club.

Manchester Town Hall

Grand exclusive hotels in Manchester have their architectural history seeded from the Industrial revolution where Manchester was dripping in money from the trade of cotton, sugar, spice and all things nice from a bygone era. Downton Abbey look alike period buildings are in abundance throughout Greater Manchester such as Tatton Park home to and Heaton Park which are essential sight seeing tours for business and holiday visitors from China, Russia Europe and beyond.

Colossal wealth was made in Manchester due to the cotton industry which brought innovative technology alongside its major trading ports in Manchester and Liverpool. Manchester city has a long and glorious history of being an affluent and influential international city and is a cosmopolitan city of culture which far outweighs any city in England. Manchester has a booming young population with an economy which has increased significantly which brings dynamic city centre life to Manchester from hundreds of top notch restaurants, fun filled wine bars, celebrity Manchester nightclubs and big business ventures such as the devolution of Manchester which is establishing blue-chip corporations racing to settle in the city.

Mancunians are leaders and the Russell group University of Manchester has propelled many a fashion icon, film star, business tycoon and so many influential famous faces throughout its long outstanding history. Its shoulders are heavy with the power and posthumous people it has led to success beyond their wildest dreams. This vibrant city of Manchester is big bold and an internationally recognized force where the sweet smell of success lingers throughout every street in the city. Yet it has managed to win the sensational vibe of a place with democratic pockets for all its young and middle class inhabitants who choose to never leave Manchester. New friends become friends for life; innovation is hot amber never dying here, yet its home to millions of dynamic residents who have never lost the feeling of honour and pride of being part of a big big family. Manchester is a high achieving and self sufficient sensational city which boasts revolutionary dreams which come to fruition and outcomes that are inspirational.

Is Manchester the best place to live?

Manchester has in fact been named as the BEST place to reside in the UK. It offers affordable plush housing and inexpensive living costs; young people have the greatest opportunities of finding exciting careers with incredible opportunities, high profile residents mingle without an air of pretention and put back into the city all it offered them back in their day. Manchester exudes energy and offers the chance to create a phenomenal career and life balance envied by other cities. With a population bursting it’s uncanny that there are over five thousand more males than females in this region and the beautiful ladies of Manchester can literally have their pick of the prime.

The four Universities in Manchester, The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Salford University and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology attract over 85,000 elite students who add that X factor to Manchester. Here the economy is bursting, the glamour is spell binding and the atmosphere of the city is second to none.

What is there to do in Manchester?

The question could be answered with a non sequitur as Manchester literally oozes everything great. Exhilarating night life, hemorrhaging history, Lord and Lady of The Manor landmarks, wild and wonderful bars, nice and naughty nightclubs, cash laden casinos and a vivacious population oozing energy everywhere throughout Manchester.

This sizzling city of Manchester is a fashion house of top Designers who have chosen to flaunt their fabulous creations, from big names to up-coming designers and boutiques; Manchester is the only place to shop till you drop. This city is infamous for its music scene and can boast a plethora of huge legendary names in popular music, rock and indie, such as The Stone Roses, The Bee Gees, The Smiths, Simply Red, and Oasis to name but a small selection of the bands born in Manchester. Music simply pumps through the city’s veins and boasts some of the most powerful live music venues in the country. It has an unbelievable selection of traditional and quirky bars and pubs as well as an abundance of chic cocktail bars of the stars of the silver screen and such trendy must go venues. In fact, whatever your preference or bag, Manchester can fulfill every wish you can dream of whether it be a smoky jazz joint, an old fashioned watering hole, the gigantic Manchester Arena or a lively Lap Dancing club for a memorable boys (or girls) night out, Manchester makes it happen.

Manchester has been dubbed the clubbing capital of the UK which is why we have no choice but to pay homage to the super-club The Hacienda. This night club revolutionized the clubbing experience unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed. It was a phenomenon which inspired a whole generation. What was the secret and special ingredient that made this wonderful nightclub such a globally recognized and in fact, the most famous club on the planet? The secret would be the stylish and industrial design, which was completely innovative and original and which many years later, clubs all over Europe tried to replicate; the other factor would be that it simply made people happy and feel part of something, and that would later in life be something extremely precious. (Oh and of course the ecstasy!) The Hacienda had always put on live gigs and brought to fame many big name stars such as The Smiths, The Happy Mondays, James, Oasis, Blur, The Stone Roses and an unknown Madonna, but it’s true status came in the late 1980’s when it popularized and gave birth to the House scene with DJ’s such as Mike Pickering, Dave Haslam and Graeme Park (to name but a few) all playing to a packed arena and creating the fantastic buzz that was ‘the hac’.

Manchester is renowned and unashamed for its ‘Adult’ entertainment; with a myriad of lap dancing venues, strip clubs, escort agencies, massage parlours and sex shops for both genders. There is certainly something for all who reside and visit Manchester and plenty of opportunities to add a splash of spice into your life. A naughty night out in Manchester is always available and there is certainly plenty of choice with some truly sexy hot spots in the city. This includes exclusive table dancing, private shows, pole dancing or if a more intimate experience is desired night or day, then Manchester has a large selection of Exclusive escort agencies and Manchester escorts are without doubt the most beautiful and sexy women in the country. For a seriously exhilarating Adult experience the posthumous Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts are the only choice of the discerning and the dynamic, whatever gender you may be.

Manchester is magnificently magical. Manchester is a whirlwind of wonder. Manchester entertains visitors and businesses like no other city. There is no other city like Manchester, come on in.

Top New 5 Restaurants in Manchester

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, it leads us to look back at the last twelve months and Manchester has definitely evolved in every which way.

With numerous new hotels, districts, bars and restaurants establishing their territories and have successfully encouraged droves of new business into the city, it is apparent that we must celebrate the fact that Manchester is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. With new restaurants opening on an almost daily basis and Exclusive Company Manchester escorts sampling their delights.

It is difficult to select the top new 5 restaurants in Manchester but here follows a brief look at the ones which have made a huge impact with discerning customers visiting and living in Manchester.

1.Italian chain Vapiano is due to open its eagerly awaited doors on 27th November and offers quality Italian cuisine within stunning surroundings and is perfect for those who want to eat and run as the service is super fast and slick in their approach. Their specialties include pasta, pizza and antipasti, all served with a good helping of sunshine. Vapiano has made incredible progress, from one solitary restaurant in Hamburg in 2002 to 157 establishments across 33 countries at the last count, so ze Germans must definitely be doing something right – definitely worth a visit. Vapiano is located at the Corn Exchange, M4 3TR.

2.Newbie in the Northern Quarter is Cottonopolis, a sophisticated Asian restaurant and bar which cleverly takes its name from the nickname Manchester earned during the nineteenth century for being the epicenter of the world’s cotton industry and in fact controlled over 80{6db09b50843af33ad83ba60fcd7c9eb67b732aefddee1697e42353ed451d4e7b} of the globes cotton market. This rustic restaurant is situated within a Grade II listed building on Newton Street, M1 2AE and maintains lots of the original features of the former textile warehouse such as the metal doors, genuine floorboards and stripped brick walls. The décor is rather rustic but bespoke and the overall vision is very handsome indeed – definitely worth a look for the history of the Manchester’s Industrial Revolution whilst sipping cocktails.

3.Quill has certainly caused a stir and has attracted Manchester’s jet set gliteratti. Located on King Street, M2 6AG, Quill has already made a huge name for itself and promises a luxury fine dining experience to all. The restaurant is split over two storeys and boasts an open kitchen where diners can watch the master chefs at work. The designer décor is opulent and the furnishings are luxurious, ensuring a truly delectable treat for those who dine. The menu is described as Modern British with European influences and the Executive Chef has had copious experience of working in Michelin Starred restaurants; here’s hoping that Manchester can finally pull one out of the bag. The £47 million fit out has been described as Manchester’s hottest new venues – definitely worth a Christmas treat…

4. Albert’s Schloss is an ambitious 600 seater Baverian Beer Hall and offers diners and drinkers alike, an experience which is both exhilarating and unique. Bringing a rather large chunk of Germany to Manchester is quite a feat and it has been described as one of the best nights out in Manchester. It can feel a little like pandemonium but surely that is the aim. Albert’s Schloss offers nightly entertainment, drag queen comperes and downright, good old fashioned fun. Albert’s Schloss Bier Palace and Cook Haus is situated on the ground floor of the iconic Albert Hall and should be a definite ‘to do’ on anyone’s Christmas List.

5.Lunya, which occupies a very impressive space in Barton Arcade is seemingly the real deal and has already been awarded the Good Food Guide’s Readers Manchester Restaurant of the Year because of its highly authentic and superbly sourced Spanish cuisine. The passion is apparent and the food is delectable, with the menu enticing diners with both traditional and ambitious and unique dishes. Lunya has a quality deli café bar to the ground floor and a fine dining restaurant to the first floor. This is an absolute must in all ways; the food is divine and the service is attentive, all in all a truly fabulous place to eat and drink in Manchester when enjoying the Exclusive Company Manchester escorts on your arm.