The Intergenerational Foundation recommends Manchester as the Best Place to Live

Manchester has long been a celebrated city of culture, music, nightlife, work opportunities and of course football. Mancunians love to shout from the rooftops how great their city is, often to the total demise of The Capital but Manchester is booming and growing and going from strength to strength. The people of Manchester are friendly and courteous and even say ’thank you to bus drivers’, chat with strangers and generally live in a harmonious and friendly way. The city is big enough to be globally significant yet compact enough to avoid anonymity.

It is Graduation season again and Manchester will be awash with students and Exclusive Escorts celebrating their successful results and potentially mourn the end of their love affair with this fair city and university life. However a recent report has pronounced that there is one city which The Intergenerational Foundation recommends for post graduates to settle in – yes you guessed it – Manchester. After much research, the Foundation has come to the conclusion, based on a scale of quality of life, affordability and prospects, that Manchester is the finest city to live. After years of tireless and tiresome study, scholars quite often settle in the city where they have endured their studies but find they cannot afford to or discover that the job market is very difficult to penetrate.

The report has confirmed that young twenty something professionals have a far better chance of finding a suitable job and decent, affordable housing in Manchester than any other city in the UK. Manchester does indeed have a high profile and the opportunities are in abundance, equating to a much better quality of work-life balance. The city of Manchester is a popular and attractive location and appeals to young and old and has the most gorgeous girls to spend time with from the Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency. With its famous and prestigious nightlife, love of the arts and culture and sweeping city skyline, Manchester is certainly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Whilst London may offer reasonably good job opportunity and status, it is without doubt a difficult location to reside, with the competition for graduates being extremely stiff and of course, London is infinitely more and ridiculously expensive in all areas leading to a poor work-life balance for those fresh out of University looking to enjoy a great life.

Not all Mancunians walk with a swagger or talk like they have just stepped off the television set of Coronation Street, so if you are deciding where the best place to find the best opportunities and are attractive to beautiful intelligent girls and handsome and healthy men and the stunning Manchester escorts then there is no other choice but to reside in this magical vibrant city of Manchester to live love and work so says The Intergenerational Foundation.