An Unhappy Affair in the Cheshire Golden Triangle

The Exclusive county of Cheshire has a reputation for WAG’s and wealth and beautiful escorts, the Cheshire set and its glamourous Golden Triangle; old and new money live side by side in Cheshire and not always harmoniously.

In Cheshire there are three distinct groups, you have the farmers who produce the famous Cheshire cheese, the Exclusive Company of the aristocratic Cheshire set and the Golden Triangles ‘new money’. The three points of the Golden triangle are Hale Barnes, Knutsford and Alderley Edge. This area is awash with huge often tacky expensive houses, lush green countryside, upmarket bars and restaurants and a ridiculous amount of Ferraris and Lamborghinis who escort the flash and obvious female hangers-on.

The Golden Triangle and its residents often receive the most attention in the media, but Cheshire is also home to some of the most influential people and families in the UK. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the sixth Duke of Westminster and owner of Grosvenor estates is the seventh richest person in Britain, worth an estimated 9 billion. His property empire is vast stretching across the UK; they have large areas of Cheshire, Belgravia and Scotland in their portfolio to name but a few. Grosvenor is also a Major General in the Territorial Army and a philanthropist who supports a number of military charities. Grosvenor has received numerous honours and titles for his military and charity work meaning he has become one of the most influential figures in the country.

Cheshire was also home to our current Mr James Bond; an English character who escorts beautiful model women to bed on every occasion possible. Daniel Craig was born and bred in Cheshire and caught the acting bug when he was cast in Oliver at his primary school in Frodsham. Daniel came from humble beginnings in Cheshire his father was a seaman and his mother an art teacher.

His talent, sexy body and great looks as an actor was recognised early on and he graduated from acting in school productions to leading roles at the National youth theatre. His talent as a screen actor was recognised by top directors and after starring in Guy Ritchie’s Layer Cake and Road to perdition he cemented his place in movie history by becoming the delectable and very sexy Mr James Bond who conquered the bad guys and bedded the most beautiful stunning girls.

So far I have only discussed men, but Cheshire is also home to many influential and inspirational women. Dawn Gibbins MBE is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, her career began when she started the company Floorcrete with her father, the company was extremely successful and she sold it to multinational RPM in 2008. Along the way Dawn has become one of the most respected business women in the UK, she was businesswoman of the year in 2003 and has received an MBA from London Metropolitan University, from Manchester University she received an honorary doctorate in business administration and also holds an MBE for her services to industry. Money can often corrupt and women in business often get a reputation for being hard faced and unforgiving. Dawn is an admirable example of how self-made wealth can bring out all the best qualities in a person. Dawn is an extremely generous woman; she is a philanthropist and motivational speaker and is passionate about leading a spiritual life. An example of her generosity is when Dawn appeared on channel 4’s secret millionaire and donated two hundred and fifty thousand pounds while on the show.

Another inspirational Cheshire woman would be Judy Halewood; she is the chairwoman of the UK’s largest drinks manufacturer, employing over one thousand people worldwide. She is another example of an influential female using her status to benefit society. In 2012 she raised £85,000 for Outward Bound Trust that help’s to develop young people from all corners of society. She did this by abseiling down Europe’s tallest building The Shard, in London.

London is often seen as the centre of business and is home to the most influential figures in the country. But when you look closer we have some of the UK’s most admired and respected business men and women living right on our door step in Cheshire. It turns out Cheshire possesses some of the most Exclusive Company ever and isn’t just about fast cars, Botox and debauchery after all.