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A week doesn’t seem to pass by without a high profile man, whether he is a politician, top sportsman or celebrity being exposed for having an affair or using the services of high class escorts. This French president François Hollande is no exception to the rule.

The magazine ‘Closer’ published photos that allegedly show the French President having an affair with a young beautiful actress. The actress in question Julie Gayet, took part in his erection and election campaign. During Hollande’s 2012 campaign she stood by her man and took part in a media broadcast and described the presidential candidate as a man who is “humble” and “incredible” and who “really listens” to the needs of others. No more so than his pretty woman on his arm at this moment in time who escorts him everywhere.

Hollande replaced the former vertically challenged president Nicolas Sarkozy; horizontally it seems they are competitors also. Sarkozy was widely disliked by millions of voters and only managed one term in office. Sarkozy who was also branded a womanizer by his ex-wife Cécilia, came under fire for his extravagant spending after he and his top model wife Carla Bruni, had been spending £660 a day on flowers. There has been no love lost between these two men, Sarkozy reportedly said of his opponent, ‘You’ve seen him, this ridiculous little fat man who dyes his hair. Do you know men who dye their hair?’ Perhaps he has a secret weapon we know very little of asks our top escorts?

When Hollande took his place in the top office in May 2012 it was seen to mark a new era in French politics, he interrupted 17 years of right wing reign and ten years of conservative government. He, as yet, has not impressed in his first year in office, and as we can see from his reaction to the affair claims he is clearly outraged that his image could be tarnished with such a claim.

For the liberal French nation a claim of this type doesn’t really raise any eyebrows. One French man’s response when asked about the claim was. ‘‘There are more important things to talk about right now than his private life and his mistresses. It’s a bit of a shame were we’re not talking about real issues. This really doesn’t grab my attention at all.’‘ “Here here”, say top Manchester Escorts.

Across the channel in the UK however, claims of this type have ruined a man’s career. The British nation is not as liberally minded as some of our European counterparts and the subjects of such claims often face a huge career ending backlash if the word escorts and mistress are mentioned. No sex please we are British – so the saying goes. But is this actually true ask our top escorts?

Having worked closely with Manchester escorts agencies for a number of years I am aware of a number of high profile gentlemen who have booked escorts services of a Leading Escorts Agency. Such famous clients are indeed high profile gents in British society and beyond our shores also, and society finds it a mystery why such charismatic charming gentlemen book the company of very beautiful escorts, very sexy escorts and elite escorts?

Many successful powerful men have an insatiable appetite for the wonders of a bewitching very beautiful and articulate twenty something escort. Our escorts clients are often successful, rich and self confident power houses in their own right. These men have the magnesium which attracts very beautiful sexy women and top model escorts. So why book the escort services of a high class Manchester escort you could ask? The simple answer is when a gentleman pays for the time of escorts he is in actual fact paying his escorts to leave at some point; leaving means he is at liberty to continue with his happy personal life alongside his dynamic professional career. Sometimes in life you can have it both ways, especially if you are a savoir-faire intelligent man and a young beautiful escort!

With fame and power usually comes money and for some women having an affair with a rich and powerful man is an opportunity not to miss. Gentlemen do have affairs and also book escorts escorts in Manchester. As the saying goes ‘It’s a man’s life’ We say its an astute escorts life.

This elite group of escort agencies has been subjected to blackmail countless times by the tabloids, News of the World springs to mind. They have been given a tip off and are aware of the high profile client’s liaisons with beautiful escorts and the less than desirable papers would love nothing more than to expose such clients: not for moral reasons but for financial gain in selling more of their tabloid gossip filled newspapers. The escorts agency in question never divulges its client list even when severely pressed by the hangers on of Rupert Murdock and the like. Unlike having an affair the women who choose to be female escorts much prefer the joy of meeting lots of desirable gentlemen whose company they love in different ways. Often describe in the escorts Adult world as, ‘Mini Affairs’ with the satisfaction of both sexes being in control.

Hollande is yet another in a long line of ‘POWERFUL RICH MEN’ who have been accused of cheating on their partners. Hollande will not be the last. In a few days time perhaps even hours, the spotlight will be on another man who has affairs or books escorts from elite escorts agencies. Hollande can then return to maintaining his lacklustre presidency and giving it all he can. Well nearly all.