Manchester Escorts Fly Over the Mancunian Hole

On Friday Manchester saw torrential rain and flooding that caused disruption to whole of the city and the North West. After a day of incessant wet weather that saw two weeks of rain fall in six hours, an unwelcome guest appeared on one of the city’s busiest roads, Mancunian Way, in the form of a giant forty foot hole on the eastbound stretch of the commuter route. At around 11am traffic was brought to a halt towards the Ancoats end due to floods; a blessing in disguise as not long afterwards the huge car size crater opened on the east bound carriage way. From the images circulated it’s easy to see that if the road wasn’t closed a car and its passengers could have ended up down the hole.

Engineers have now begun work to repair the giant hole and will mean Manchester’s busiest commuter road will stay closed in both directions for at least two weeks. Possible reasons for the giant crater include a collapsed sewer or a culvert, which is a pipe that carries water underground. It is believed that the shear amount of rain fall on Friday exacerbated the pre-existing issue and washed away sediment under the road causing the collapse. Exclusive company Manchester escorts wont let this giant hole hinder their progress on their journey to join you. The extent of the damage to the sediment under the road is now being investigated as there are fears that the hole could spread across to the other carriage way and result in the road being closed for weeks.

Monday morning rush hour has seen travel chaos across the city centre as commuters attempt to reroute and seek out the fastest way to get to work. The hole couldn’t have appeared at a worse time as options are already limited as Oxford road remains completely closed for the demolition of the bridge near to Manchester University. Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company will always get around any natural or man made object. There are no trams going across the city centre because of works going on at the St Peters Square tram stop. If you can avoid heading into Manchester during rush hour do, as the time of your daily commute is likely to be lengthy.