Hold on tight Gentlemen here comes Your Wonder Woman

A beautiful brainy brunette has caught the eye of British Prime Minister David Cameron. This liaison began two years ago in Shoreditch East London where Mr. Cameron invited exclusivecompanyescorts.co.uk/cheshire-escorts these British beauty’s to take charge of his mind blowing Quango. Her assets and credentials are impeccable and fit firmly to the role David wishes Joanna to play with him. In fact this shy extremely wealthy woman could handle any of the boys of the Burlington Club of Oxford University including the Chancellor George Osborne and even the one eyed Romeo Mayor of London Boris Johnson; all bullish players in their own right and joined at the hip in the circle of the elite at Westminster. David and Joanna are a perfect match, their pedigree exceptional, and in the not too distant future something rather special will be born.

This remarkable super sexy super intelligent woman has enjoyed the company of the Google boys Larry Page and Sergey Brin with their protector Eric Schmidt, (loathsome, I know and stepping down today Thank the Lord) Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bebo boss Michael Birch and now the delicious digital man in waiting David Cameron has made a proposal this Winning Wonder Woman just could not refuse.

This dynamic duo has come together and is planning to give birth to The New British Search Engine which will supersede the so called ‘Do no evil’ Google. A gestation period of 9 months to develop this phenomenal platform to outwit evil Google is wishful thinking but however long it takes the Google boys baby will be overshadowed sooner or later. Google is heavily hated by businesses and undoubtedly does not live up to its motto for a moment. Joanna Shields with her wealth of knowledge, enormous experience and in depth understanding of digital technology, alongside David Cameron and his super intelligent entourage will rise like a phoenix to break Google and take the crown of The World’s Super Search Engine.

Tech City London has gathered the brains, the institutions and political might to prepare for the second coming. A fair and non monopolistic search engine will restore faith in human nature and will be found when the New British Search Engine rises in Great Britain. Inevitably and with pride Tech Cities will spread throughout the whole of the UK and not just exist in the capital. All British people will embrace this age of computer science and technology; it will not be just a valley for the few but the valley for all in every city throughout this country. Google’s Silicon Valley in California will wither and the destiny and future of Tech will be relocated to the United Kingdom.

Wonder Woman Joanna Shields will have an effect on all our lives, ensuring as a society we embrace and use digital technology. Soon her name we will all know and respect as she uses her skills and business acumen to ensure the best digital future from the UK.