In his 80th year Silver tongue FIFA President Sepp Blatter scores every time

The President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter is the coolest crooner in town. Not only did the ladies of fall for his charms but the guys fell hook line and sinker; and all willingly so. Sepp, short for Joseph, is a blaze trailer and all who touched his life in one way or another must feel they have been on one hell of a ride. This is surely the beginning of the end of the toxic brand FIFA especially with Manchester United’s previous chief executive, David Gill, who has confirmed he will not accept the position of FIFA’s Vice President because of Blatters re-election.

Manchester United has also changed allegiance to Adidas from FIFA’s preferred sports sponsor Nike. Did Manchester United pre-empt the breakdown of FIFA? And if so, who will replace FIFA once it has collapsed? Shall we ask the biggest club in the world, Manchester United?

Manchester United. Could this be their new Adidas sponsored shirt?

The most watched sport in the world, football, soccer to the Americans, in 2013 had revenues of over 1.3 billion US dollars with a net profit of 72 million and has more than 1.5 billion cash reserves. If FIFA can be described as a party this was one mother fucker of a party. Most will leave with a hangover and some will sneak out the back. Sepp Blatter with his round alluring face, delicate features, soft big brown eyes and a voice of Snow White captured everyone’s heart and was truly the hostess with the mostess. For whatever reasons, money, charm, seduction, trust, or stupidity, this clever multilingual and educated giant of a man made all he met fall head over heels in love with him.

It has been suggested that sponsors such as Nike and Coca Cola may cease their partnership, however, could it be that these sponsors and many others in actual fact were part of the smoke screen and they themselves are caught up in the bribery and corruption of the World Cup?

Blatter loves the ladies even though he is in his 80th year. FIFA President has been married three times, has one daughter by his first marriage to Liliane Biner named Corinne who gave Sepp a granddaughter, his greatest gift so he says.

His second marriage was to Barbara Kaser, 30 years his junior and the daughter of FIFA’s former General Secretary, Helmut Kaser, who was devastated when she married Blatter. Not only did he take Helmut’s daughter, only in her early twenties, he also took the position of President when it was expected Helmut would have been elected. Did the corruption begin its journey prior to Blatters election? It seems so. Sepp then married Graziella Bianca a dolphin therapist, however, the marriage was short lived and FIFA’s President is allegedly dating his friend’s wife. Ever the ladies man? Sepp commented on the female footballer’s kit stating they should wear tighter shorts and low cut shirts. I ask again, Ever the ladies man?

Much of the financial success of FIFA has to be accredited to the previous President Joao Havelange and Horst Dassler, son of Adolph Dasser, known as Adi Dasser, hence the global corporation name Adidas, The pair created television rights of which half of FIFA’s revenues are generated; $2.43 billion was created from the 2014 World Cup. If Mr. Horst Dassler, Adidas football boot manufactures, was part of the founders of the television rights, then why is Nike the preferred sponsor of FIFA? Now that is an interesting story; a story which will undoubtedly rear its ugly head in the not too distant future.

Manchester United has sealed a deal with Adidas for their new strip for 2015/2016. Why would Manchester United change their sponsor? Who knows, but what great timing for the Manchester legendary football club who has entertained Manchester and world wide fans for decades? Perhaps Manchester United knows something we don’t. Yet

It appears the party’s over its time to call it a day for Mr. Sepp Blatter and FIFA is witnessing its darkest day and fall from grace. The only exciting question to be asked is “What will take its place”?