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I was available for the my escorts agency I work for on Thursday 22nd May. I finished work at 8pm that evening and as soon as I arrived home I had a hot shower dried myself then moisturised my body with my favourite Hermes body lotion. It smells so good. I dried my hair did my make up and just as I was slipping into my stockings I got a phone call from my exclusive escorts Agency Hell why does the phone ring when you are doing something that takes two hands?! I answered and the receptionist at my elite escorts agency asked me if I could phone Tod at The Lowry Hotel. He was looking to spend some time with a petite blonde escort who was busty and great looking. Well I guess that was me. I’m Michelle by the way a young 21 year old girl 5’5” tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes and English and just one of many elite escorts for Exclusive Company Escorts Agency.

I phoned Tod he sounded sexy and calm and asked a lot of questions. We agreed on 9pm to meet at the bar and I would recognise him as he was wearing a blue shirt, denim jeans and brown shoes. I wondered what he looked liked. I was nervous yet excited. I phoned my escorts agency to let them know the time of the appointment and I would need Larry the driver to pick me up and take me to the hotel.

There he stood at the top of the stairs, I knew it was Tod I could tell by his inquisitive look as I walked step by step up towards him. We had a glass of red wine before taking the lift to his room. Small talk all the way he kept good eye contact and I felt I could read his mind. I knew exactly what he was thinking – she is the best of escorts.

As we entered his room I informed Tod I had to phone my escorts agency to let them know I had arrived. “How long would you like me to stay Tod”? I asked. “Two hours Michelle” he replied.

And there we both knew what the next couple hours would entail. Well so I thought. Tod ran the shower undressed and beckoned me to join him. It was warm, wet and hot. The power of the water was incredible as he kissed me hard and pulled by body right up close to his. He washed me all over I washed him all over. It was crazy and it was fun. We both eagerly found our way to the bed where we both fell and kissed and caressed. His body was firm his shoulders big and his hands knew exactly where to go. His mouth was experienced. This man was a good lover an escorts dream. Everything was reciprocal. He smelt good he tasted even better. He suddenly stopped got up and stared at my body. He then slowly handed me a glass of red and poured himself a glass of beer. He asked me to dance for him. I did. Up-close and personal again and this time we wouldn’t stop until we had to.

It was over. It was good. It was really good. I showered again dressed in front of Tod and enjoyed his lustful stares. I kissed him again as I left and thought escorts have all the fun from Exclusive Company Escorts Agency.

Reviewer: Michelle