Come Visit Manchester

Do you want to know where to visit in Manchester? And where the best places to stay are in Manchester?
Trip advisor is bias. The Manchester tourist board is boring. We as residents know exactly where it is all happening in this Great city Manchester.

Greater Manchester has always celebrated its global music prowess and obviously its sporting football history with two world class football clubs in short distance of each other, Manchester United football club and Manchester City football club.

Manchester Town Hall

Grand exclusive hotels in Manchester have their architectural history seeded from the Industrial revolution where Manchester was dripping in money from the trade of cotton, sugar, spice and all things nice from a bygone era. Downton Abbey look alike period buildings are in abundance throughout Greater Manchester such as Tatton Park home to and Heaton Park which are essential sight seeing tours for business and holiday visitors from China, Russia Europe and beyond.

Colossal wealth was made in Manchester due to the cotton industry which brought innovative technology alongside its major trading ports in Manchester and Liverpool. Manchester city has a long and glorious history of being an affluent and influential international city and is a cosmopolitan city of culture which far outweighs any city in England. Manchester has a booming young population with an economy which has increased significantly which brings dynamic city centre life to Manchester from hundreds of top notch restaurants, fun filled wine bars, celebrity Manchester nightclubs and big business ventures such as the devolution of Manchester which is establishing blue-chip corporations racing to settle in the city.

Mancunians are leaders and the Russell group University of Manchester has propelled many a fashion icon, film star, business tycoon and so many influential famous faces throughout its long outstanding history. Its shoulders are heavy with the power and posthumous people it has led to success beyond their wildest dreams. This vibrant city of Manchester is big bold and an internationally recognized force where the sweet smell of success lingers throughout every street in the city. Yet it has managed to win the sensational vibe of a place with democratic pockets for all its young and middle class inhabitants who choose to never leave Manchester. New friends become friends for life; innovation is hot amber never dying here, yet its home to millions of dynamic residents who have never lost the feeling of honour and pride of being part of a big big family. Manchester is a high achieving and self sufficient sensational city which boasts revolutionary dreams which come to fruition and outcomes that are inspirational.

Is Manchester the best place to live?

Manchester has in fact been named as the BEST place to reside in the UK. It offers affordable plush housing and inexpensive living costs; young people have the greatest opportunities of finding exciting careers with incredible opportunities, high profile residents mingle without an air of pretention and put back into the city all it offered them back in their day. Manchester exudes energy and offers the chance to create a phenomenal career and life balance envied by other cities. With a population bursting it’s uncanny that there are over five thousand more males than females in this region and the beautiful ladies of Manchester can literally have their pick of the prime.

The four Universities in Manchester, The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Salford University and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology attract over 85,000 elite students who add that X factor to Manchester. Here the economy is bursting, the glamour is spell binding and the atmosphere of the city is second to none.

What is there to do in Manchester?

The question could be answered with a non sequitur as Manchester literally oozes everything great. Exhilarating night life, hemorrhaging history, Lord and Lady of The Manor landmarks, wild and wonderful bars, nice and naughty nightclubs, cash laden casinos and a vivacious population oozing energy everywhere throughout Manchester.

This sizzling city of Manchester is a fashion house of top Designers who have chosen to flaunt their fabulous creations, from big names to up-coming designers and boutiques; Manchester is the only place to shop till you drop. This city is infamous for its music scene and can boast a plethora of huge legendary names in popular music, rock and indie, such as The Stone Roses, The Bee Gees, The Smiths, Simply Red, and Oasis to name but a small selection of the bands born in Manchester. Music simply pumps through the city’s veins and boasts some of the most powerful live music venues in the country. It has an unbelievable selection of traditional and quirky bars and pubs as well as an abundance of chic cocktail bars of the stars of the silver screen and such trendy must go venues. In fact, whatever your preference or bag, Manchester can fulfill every wish you can dream of whether it be a smoky jazz joint, an old fashioned watering hole, the gigantic Manchester Arena or a lively Lap Dancing club for a memorable boys (or girls) night out, Manchester makes it happen.

Manchester has been dubbed the clubbing capital of the UK which is why we have no choice but to pay homage to the super-club The Hacienda. This night club revolutionized the clubbing experience unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed. It was a phenomenon which inspired a whole generation. What was the secret and special ingredient that made this wonderful nightclub such a globally recognized and in fact, the most famous club on the planet? The secret would be the stylish and industrial design, which was completely innovative and original and which many years later, clubs all over Europe tried to replicate; the other factor would be that it simply made people happy and feel part of something, and that would later in life be something extremely precious. (Oh and of course the ecstasy!) The Hacienda had always put on live gigs and brought to fame many big name stars such as The Smiths, The Happy Mondays, James, Oasis, Blur, The Stone Roses and an unknown Madonna, but it’s true status came in the late 1980’s when it popularized and gave birth to the House scene with DJ’s such as Mike Pickering, Dave Haslam and Graeme Park (to name but a few) all playing to a packed arena and creating the fantastic buzz that was ‘the hac’.

Manchester is renowned and unashamed for its ‘Adult’ entertainment; with a myriad of lap dancing venues, strip clubs, escort agencies, massage parlours and sex shops for both genders. There is certainly something for all who reside and visit Manchester and plenty of opportunities to add a splash of spice into your life. A naughty night out in Manchester is always available and there is certainly plenty of choice with some truly sexy hot spots in the city. This includes exclusive table dancing, private shows, pole dancing or if a more intimate experience is desired night or day, then Manchester has a large selection of Exclusive escort agencies and Manchester escorts are without doubt the most beautiful and sexy women in the country. For a seriously exhilarating Adult experience the posthumous Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts are the only choice of the discerning and the dynamic, whatever gender you may be.

Manchester is magnificently magical. Manchester is a whirlwind of wonder. Manchester entertains visitors and businesses like no other city. There is no other city like Manchester, come on in.