Ashley Madison Hackers divulge customer’s names and all private details

“Life is short, have an affair”, is the slogan of one of the worlds biggest extramarital dating websites Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison pen themselves as the most famous name in infidelity and are experts in helping married individuals arrange discreet liaisons often called adultery in a courtroom. It would have been far more discrete to book from Exclusive

The website has over 37 million registered users from across the world looking for a passionate encounter with a stranger. The site in the past has caused controversy and has used a number of controversial adverts including one of two famously unfaithful men, Prince Charles and Bill Clinton, asking what these men have in common. This week terror has been struck into the wallets of every married individual who has secretly used the services of Ashley Madison and Sugar Daddies, as hackers have breached the site and stolen the personal details of its users.

The hacker’s who call themselves ‘The Impact team’ have released a statement demanding the site be shut down or they will release the names, credit card details, naked pictures and sexual fantasies of their thirty seven million members in the UK the USA and Canada. Of which 1.2 million members are in the UK. To put weight behind their threats the hackers have already released the information of two of its male members. The hackers believe the website wrecks marriages, and its members do not deserve anonymity because they are “cheating dirt bags and deserve no such discretion”.

Ashley Madison’s parent company Avid Life Media, which has been described as the Google of cheating, own a number of similar sites including Established men, a site where rich gentlemen and young women can form relationships which satisfy the ladies bank balance and the gentlemen’s ego. Don’t they call that escorting? The hackers have also demanded that this site be shut down immediately. Interestingly as yet their ‘Cougarlife’ site for mature women looking for a young stud has not been affected and has received no mention from the hackers. This seems to suggest that the hackers have a vendetta against married men having affairs.

Avid Life media’s Chief exec Noel Biderman, a former lawyer and sports agent turned billionaire internet entrepreneur, set up the website with his wife Amanda. Biderman is happily married with two children and has said he does not cheat, and does not feel the need to cheat. Biderman has made one billion pounds from his sites that he says do not promote infidelity, but are a place where people who want to embark on an extramarital affair can do so privately. He in fact claims his sites have the power to save marriages.

Biderman has said that they suspect it was an inside job, they believe that it was not an employee but someone who had access to their internal networks. Experts in the area have suggested that the data they have stolen could be sold on to criminal gangs to be used to blackmail members or sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. To limit the fall out and attempt to protect the anonymity of its members Avid Life Media have hired one of the world’s top IT security teams.

As events unfold millions of men across the world are quaking in their boots and wives question their husband’s commitment to them and their children.