Are you invited to Manchester’s Champagne Party?

So the Tories are coming to Manchester in October for their annual conference from 4th-7th October. The Tory boys, such Exclusive Company, mostly will be staying at the Midland Hotel, 16 Peter St, Manchester, M60 2DS.

The Tory conference arrives alongside revelations over David Cameron and his Tory pal’s behaviour in Lord Ashcroft’s tell all book, Call Me Dave. Over the past few years there have been numerous stories of Boris, known as BJ, Boris and George Osborne’s unsavoury behaviour as Bullingdon boys splashed across the press. Drug taking, liaisons with and other men’s wives and flagrant activities that the Lord Mayor of London and Chancellor of the Exchequer would rather have been kept under the duvet. Their university chum David Cameron has somehow remained somewhat unscathed, brushing off any rumours of naughty behaviour during his Eton and Bullingdon days; that is until now.

Mr Cameron has now upset one of the richest men in the country, after accepting £8 million of his money into the Conservative coffers; his old friend, Tory donor, billionaire business man and former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft, has written an unofficial biography detailing Cameron’s bad behaviour at Oxford University, his fellow MP’s secret shenanigans and his knowledge of the peer’s controversial tax status.

Lord Ashcroft is the thirty seventh richest man in the country, with an estimated worth of one point one billion pounds. Since 2000 he sat on the Conservative benches of the House of Lords as a life peer, his position was one of controversy due to his exile tax status, and had supposedly taken up a permanent residence in the UK to resolve this, but it has been revealed this year that he did not, and Cameron was indeed aware of this information. Cameron’s and Ashcroft’s relationship began to sour a number of years previously when he is said to have revoked a promise to give Lord Ashcroft a frontline job after the general election in 2010. Nick Clegg is said to have put a stop to his positioning, forcing Cameron to only offer him a meagre position as a junior whip.

After donating over eight million to the party over ten years, beginning when William Hague led the party, Lord Ashcroft did not take his dismissal lightly and has gone on to enact his revenge in the form of an unofficial tell all biography. The book co-written by journalist Isabel Oakeshott, makes a number of debauched claims about Cameron’s time as a student and his less than gentlemanly behaviour. The Bullingdon club with such Exclusive Company is notorious for its initiation ceremonies and Lord Ashcroft has made claims in the book that he has seen a photograph of David Cameron with his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig as part of his initiation into the club, although he has no photographic evidence that he is able to print to show this took place. The incident has now gained its own # and is trending on twitter as #piggate.

He has also revealed as well as a Bullingdon club member he was also a member of the dining club named Piers Gaveston, named after the Edward II lover. The book also includes quotes from Cameron’s Oxford University pal who claims that he regularly trotted off to smoke weed with him and another friend. The books co-author Isabel Oakeshott took part in an interview on radio four to discuss the book and address claims that this book, Call Me Dave, is a revenge attempt by Lord Ashcroft. She vehemently denies this stating that if it was they would have released it before the party conference or during it. She claims they could have easily published it at this time, and by publishing it now it is doing the least possible damage to Cameron’s image, which will be arriving in Manchester with several escorts by his side for security of the UK Prime minister. She also says, this is just the first chapter and they have a lot more to still reveal.

Miss Oakeshott says it is not merely a poorly put together story hailing from a single source, as it is being claimed, but a carefully researched and written book which is at once humorous and also contains some very positive things and doesn’t just paint the Prime minister in a bad light. She says it’s the media who are choosing to focus on the supposed bad behaviour of Cameron in the book, not her and Lord Ashcroft. Surely any journalist will know the media hone in on the most outrages aspects of a book such as this, and her defending of the book comes across as very weak indeed. When the conservative party have been asked about the book they have replied that the Prime Minister will not dignify a response. And George Osborne when questioned at a recent press conference in China, said with what could easily be described as a knowing grin. They also allege that George Osborne gave Boris Johnson ninety three million pounds to enable him to make promises on policing during his mayoral campaign in 2011. In return he promised to behave himself at the Conservative party conference and not overshadow it as he did in 2009 when he requested a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Boris, who is without doubt such Exclusive Company and never one to go unnoticed, is, every year for many is a highlight of the Torys party conference. His speeches are legendary and last years included characteristic jokes about Ed Milliband, bricks, chillies, camels, aliens from Zog and Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts. This year’s Conservative party conference at Manchester Central convention centre, is set to go off and end with a bang. It’s their first conference since they won the election and Lord Ashcroft’s book, Call Me Dave, is suggesting Cameron has been quite a naughty boy over the years this is causing quite a stir in the press.

We all like to have a drink or two after a hard week at work and it seems for Cameron after the #piggate debacle, is looking forward to copious amounts of champagne, wine and real ale at this year’s Manchester conference. The Bullingdon boys were known for their alcohol fuelled dinners and it seems that at the conference they will have plenty to knock back. In 2009 Osborne banned alcohol from their conference, but it didn’t last long, by 2011 champers was back on the menu. This week truckloads of beer and bubbly were delivered to the Midland hotel, where the MP’s will be staying, with security guards in tow and was scanned through an x-ray machine. The ale was provided by a brewery in Mr Osborne’s constituency, Tatton Brewery, a sign of support for Mr Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse; Osborne’s attempt to bring together the North’s cities and its fifteen million population into a collective force that can rival the economy of London and the South of England.

While the upper crust consume vulgar amounts of champagne and have a jolly good laugh at what will be no doubt be another speech full of hilarious jokes from Boris, guaranteed to reference #piggate and poke fun at Jeremy Corbyn in some way, the left wing action group the, People’s Assembly, will making their voices heard outside the Manchester venue. A full week of events has been planned and will include music from Super Furry Animals, comedy from Frankie Boyle, and speeches from Jeremy Corbyn. Eighty thousand people are expected to attend the anti-austerity rally in Manchester city centre as well as a protest outside the venue.. The action group is set to bring the area around the Midland hotel and Manchester central conference hall to a standstill and will no doubt be a fraught affair with the left wing making their voices heard outside.
The C Party are no strangers to controversy and this year’s convention in Manchester is set to be an alcohol fuelled party hosted by the man who when introduces himself to the richest person in the room says, Call Me Dave.