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Agent Provocateur is a luxury British lingerie retailer founded in 1994 by Joseph Corre, the son of Vivienne Westwood, and Serena Rees. The brand has become world famous for its upmarket risqué lingerie and is a firm favourite with exclusivecompanyescorts.co.uk/cheshire-escorts and the worlds rich and famous and high class Manchester escorts. Their designs are legendary and their advertising campaigns attract a lot of attention, as do beautiful escorts which isn’t always positive as some people are quite offended by the portrayal of girls in their campaigns, especially their videos, which I will go into later. Feminists and educated Manchester escort girls are divided with brands such as theirs, as some believe that they objectify girls, while others believe its empowering as our Manchester escorts at Exclusive Company say. Whatever your stance this Exclusive Company has created a brand that is untouchable, they are sexy, sultry and very successful sounds like Exclusive Manchester escort Agency.

The original owners mentioned above sold eighty percent of the company in 2007 for sixty million pounds and has since gone on to expand into 13 countries and now has over 60 stores worldwide. The Manchester store is located at 81 King St, M2 4AH of which Exclusive Company escort Agency in Manchester frequent daily.

This lingerie company is famous for its provocative videos, often featuring famous models and beautiful girls in the public eye including, Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Monica Cruz. The videos are risqué and erotic and showcase their beautiful designs on the bodies of some the most exclusive beautiful women in the world and elite escorts. Their videos often cause a stir, in 2001 their short film which featured Kylie Minogue riding a bucking bronco wearing their lingerie caused quite a bit of controversy. As she peels herself from the velvet covered bronco she asks, “would all the men in the audience stand up?” it most certainly ruffled a few feathers. But as the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity.

Agent Provocateurs latest film directed by Penelope Cruz, to celebrate the launch of their sister site, L’Agent’s, new site is set to be the raciest yet; its already been banned from YouTube. The film follows the journey of a dying man in the desert, played by a model of course, Jon Kortajarena, who sees a mirage, or is it, of beautiful girls stripping off and working out in their underwear in the desert. If you are not offended by half naked women, including the beautiful Penelope Cruz, jumping around in the hazy heat of the desert click the link below. I think all the men in the audience will certainly be standing up no more so than with Exclusive escorts:the best Manchester escorts and most beautiful escorts it is said.

Agent provocateur are the queens of self-promotion, they know how to attract attention through their racy campaigns, but with their chic high end persona and big name stars who appear in their adverts they just manage keep out of hot water. They cause just enough of a stir to bring the right type of attention to their brand. Whether love or loath their portrayal of model girls, you have to admit they are good at what they do and Exclusive escorts in Manchester love the lingerie they design as do our most discerning escort clients.