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ANNABELL Manchester Escort
ANNA Manchester Escort
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The Art of Undressing
The Art of Undressing
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Victoria’s Secret bares all with Manchester escorts

The pure seduction of the look of lace, silk and satin underwear can be one of the most enticing senses of a woman’s femininity. Concealed beneath her outer clothing is a well guarded secret and is part of a female’s wardrobe in which only the lucky and loved ones are permitted to view. And oh how lucky they are when this luxurious lingerie is purchased from Victoria’s Secret At The Trafford Centre, 148-152 Peel Ave, Manchester M17 8AA.

Delicate Lace, soft silk and sexy satin are all sculpted together for the honour of being close to a young lady with a slender slim beautiful figure and are so sensuous especially when paired with the most delicate of panties which gently embrace and sexily accentuate every curve of the female form. The creation of well cut and beautifully designed soft materials which are made with the perfect woman in mind is salacious and sensationally sexy creating a stunning silhouette that would make any man or woman go weak at the knees. If the pleasures of luxury under garments are for the lady herself she will for sure feel at her most confident and beautiful in the spectacular lingerie which Victoria’s Secret has to offer for its seriously intentioned customers.


Under the umbrella of Victoria’s Secret is more than fabulous lingerie. On offer includes women’s wear and beauty products and the all embracing swimwear with itsy bitsy bikinis and flattering all in one sculptured swimsuits. The choice of these sexy summer tiny swimsuits is astonishing with bright colours or the more classic very small black bikini. Exclusive Company Manchester escorts have chosen their sensational swim suits and some are now flying off to a sunny location with their most discerning clients. How lucky are these gentlemen of Manchester to be in the presence of very beautiful tanned and toned Exclusive escorts? Enjoy Gentlemen you know who you are.

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye, Mr Raymond began to tire with feeling like an unwanted intruder in a department store when he wished to choose magnificently sensual lingerie for his wife. He decided to embark on a new venture that took the dowdy and tiresome undergarments of the 1970s and bring to women worldwide utter sophistication and sexy lacy thongs with the padded push up bras that were only ever meant for special occasions to become an everyday feature in a woman’s life.

Victoria’s secret has become a multi billion dollar company that stages the most extravagant and elaborate fashion shows every year. Incorporating the iconic angel wings that grace the supermodels on the catwalk, every year they become bigger, better and more over the top than they previously were, adding wings to these iconic supermodels, such as the English rose that is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, showed the birth of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, becoming brand ambassadors and statements in the Victoria’s Secret marketing campaigns. The top supermodels are the epitome of grace and beauty and inspire the everyday lady who purchases their lingerie at Victoria’s secrets to feel just like the sexy supermodels which parade their catwalks.

With over 1017 stores worldwide, from The United States to The United Kingdom, offering the ladies of the world some of the most sexy and seductive lingerie it seems as though Victoria’s Secret is kept for the most alluring and stunning women of the world and especially the lovely ladies of Manchester who love Victoria secret lingerie to show off to their man who books the best Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency.

Kim Kardashian’s Big Butt makes Big Bucks for Cosmetic Surgeons

Since the ancient Greeks the woman’s ideal body shape has been under scrutiny, the ideal figure is constantly changing and with each trend women vehemently try to achieve the perfect body in order to be considered desirable for men.

In Ancient Greece they believed that women were simply disfigured men, the Han Dynasty craved for slim waists and big eyes, and during the Italian Renaissance voluptuous women with large breasts and wide hips were the ultimate form of femininity. In the nineteen fifties the era of Hollywood glamour, Marilyn Monroe possessed the curvy hour glass lustful body beautiful, but just a decade later in the nineteen sixties Twiggy became the underweight body which was at the forefront of perfect fashion. Exclusive Company Manchester escorts fulfils all the desires of men, from slender to hour glass and everything in-between naturally blessed and otherwise.

Fast forward to the nineteen nineties and willowy model Kate Moss popularized the heroin chic look. Heroin chic, skinny gaunt and grungy looking, it seems ridiculous that every woman in the nineteen nineties wanted to look as thin as a drug addict, but such is the power of the fashion industry, media and men.

When Mary Quant created the mini skirt, legs were the coveted body part, once we saw Pamela Anderson running down the beach in a tiny red swimsuit in Baywatch, women then wanted huge breasts. Along came Kate Moss and females disbanded their pumped up bosoms for the flat chested androgynous look; female body types have constantly changed over the decades and the feminine gender has had to make their figures adapt to the desires of men to be successful in the land of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency, with their Manchester escorts possessing every type of figure all men desire.

The new body shape to aspire to or rather body part is a big round gravity defying bottom. Since the advent of Kim Kardashian every influenced young woman now thinks she requires a rather oversized large derriere. Kim Kardashian has a bottom more famous than she is and it has created ten twitter accounts and has reportedly insured her behind for £12 million.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame after a sex tape featuring her and an ex-boyfriend found its way onto the internet. Since then, thanks to her hourglass figure and one of the biggest bottoms in Hollywood together with her family’s reality television show, The Kardashians, she has risen to fame and generated a colossal personal fortune. Her show features her sisters, her mother, her father Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn Jenner after deciding to become a woman, and a number of other friends and family. Her marriage to the rapper Kanye West and Kim’s big butt which without a doubt has made Kim one of the most infamous and richest women on the planet.

Her voluptuous body, tiny waist and an over sized bottom is never out of the media spotlight and has become the body shape to aspire to for the media mad led females around the western world. According to Realself, an online community which helps users decide the best cosmetic surgery; the Brazilian butt lift is now their most searched procedure. With Kim Kardashian being the most referenced celebrity when would be customers ask plastic surgeons about procedures. Thanks to Kim’s large derriere there has been a one hundred percent increase in the amount of women undergoing butt augmentation in the past year. A certain type of women across the globe are going to great lengths to boost their bottoms and narrow their waists in order to achieve what they perceive to be the most sought after body shape.

Kim’s husband, Kanye West is a big fan of her big butt; on nearly every picture released of the pair his hand is gratuitously groping her backside. According to media sources it is Kanye who is responsible for the accentuation of her curvaceous assets; he reportedly chooses revealing clothing for her that makes the most of her hour glass figure, and believes she is the most beautiful woman on the planet with her perfect womanly figure.

Since cave men, the male gender has been responsible for promoting the most desirable female figure for their fervour. During prehistoric times curvaceous women were revered, a prominent rounded large bottom was the most attractive physical trait and believed to be a sign of good heath, wealth and diet and also suggested she would be a good child bearer and a successful mother.
A woman who bore lots of healthy children suggested to other men that her male partner was a successful hunter, lover and excessively fertile. So it seems that for a certain type of gentlemen a preference for curvy women with large bottoms is inbred. Thanks to the media, fashion industry and the skinny airbrushed models which are portrayed to us in the media every day, women have since the nineteen sixties aspired to have slender figures. It seems, thanks, or no thanks to Kim Kardashian peer pressure, gentlemen across the world now desire their women to return to the curvaceous figures their prehistoric ancestors favoured. Do they really or is it a media made frenzy to monetize a woman who is open to persuasion?

So is Kim the perfect woman? Do women want to be her? And do men really crave a touch of her voluptuous butt? Men it has been shown innately prefer fuller figured women, an ample bosom, a small waist and a curvaceous bottom, not the angular figure of Kate Moss. It seems women go for whatever the media tell them is most desirable, while men have always loved a woman with a little more shape. Kim Kardashian appears to have it all, she is worth sixty five million dollars, she has the body certain women want and most men dream their girlfriend had, she is sensationally beautiful and is married to one of the most successful R & B artists in the world.

In short Kim Kardashian has the world at her feet, or should that be kissing her arse?

Manchester escorts show-off The Art of Undressing

The world of Burlesque is a glamorous place, beautiful women with fabulous figures dressed in the most sensational nineteen forties pin up style clothing and underwear undress elegantly on stage. The allure of Old Hollywood glamour is recreated in spectacular style, deep red lips, sculpted waves of glossy hair and elegant porcelain skin, it’s a look that never ages.


Burlesque performers provocatively undress in an elaborately choreographed stage show that appeals to ladies as much as it does gentlemen. Burlesque stars have gained worldwide attention, the most renowned is Dita Von Teese, Dita is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour, she is never seen with a hair out of place and is always impeccably groomed. Dita is most famous for her old-fashioned strip-tease performances which climax with her climbing into a giant martini glass, wearing only nipple pasties and a beautiful pair of knickers, to bathe in the cocktail and wash herself with a giant olive.

Manchester’s most beautiful ladies, the Manchester escorts from the national Exclusive Company escort agency are experts in the art of seduction and have perfected the art of undressing. Many of the escort ladies themselves have a passion for Burlesque and perform for discerning gentlemen who are lucky enough to spend time with Exclusive Manchester escorts.

The art and fashion of Burlesque has created a great fascination in ladies and gentlemen across the world. It has come off the stage onto the mainstream and made its way into the bedroom, burlesque makes women feel beautiful and sexy and it drives men to distraction. On 11th July the world of Burlesque is being brought to Manchester, the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque fair is being held at The Ritz, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5NQ.

The fair will see over eighty exhibitors with a whole host of burlesque, vintage, alternative and fetish clothing, jewellery, accessories and art work. Burlesque and fans of alternative will be able to indulge themselves in sexy exquisite lingerie, naughty toys for the bedroom and the boys, beautiful nineteen forties style jewellery and an array of items many never knew existed. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company escorts will be heading down to add to their collection of beautiful burlesque corsetry and lingerie. Of course a Burlesque fair would not be complete without performances from the country’s most talented Burlesque performers. Every forty five minutes throughout the day a performer will take to the stage to draw gasps, giggles and amazement from the in crowd in Manchester city centre.

Their headline act is slinky Sparkles an international burlesque performer and model, Slinky Sparkles is a blonde bombshell who combines brains and beauty. She is a neuroscience graduate who fell in love with the glamorous art of undressing, her performances are light-hearted and comical and her fabulous figure always keeps the crowds enthralled.

There will also be performances from the voluptuous Raven Noir who will enchant with her dark and sexy act. For something a little different there will be stunning aerial acts from the ladies from blush dance studios who take pole dancing to whole new level. They will also have bars serving vintage cocktails and a nineteen forties themed dining parlour. The fair is set to be sensational, all senses will be indulged and visitors are guaranteed to leave feeling like they have just emerged from a trip back in time to Old Hollywood.

Always Incredible is Restaurant Bar and Grill Manchester.

The Restaurant Bar and Grill has enjoyed an extremely long and successful pilgrimage and still remains one of Manchester city centre’s most popular and Exclusive dining houses. Truly amazing and impressive.


Nestled in the heart of the city centre on John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6JR, this venue has it all: a ground floor bar which offers an abundance of incredible and unique as well as traditional cocktails, an extensive wine and champagne list and many other fine tipples. The ground floor is also home to informal dining in an elegant and sophisticated setting, providing a relaxed and chic backdrop for lunchtime and early evening diners and is the perfect location for after work drinks, intimate dates and pre-club socialising. The impressive suspended staircase leads up to the first floor formal dining area which promises the ultimate culinary experience. The food is innovative incredible and always consistent and the service is relaxed, friendly and attentive, ensuring that your relationship with Restaurant Bar and Grill is a long and fruitful one.

The décor is simple yet extremely elegant with clean lines and almost a no nonsense attitude, expressing an uncluttered, efficient and almost corporate feel, which is without doubt a remarkable creation. There is also a stunning terrace located on the first floor where diners and drinkers alike enjoy immensely this perfect alfresco area whatever the weather. With its retractable awning and the provision of blankets and heaters, customers will sample a touch of the Mediterranean come rain or shine. The third floor is home to the private dining room which guarantees exclusivity to special parties and even boasts its own private bar, kitchen and even a separate lift to this elite environment.


The RBG, as it is known, has stood the test of time and constantly reinvents itself to ensure that loyal customers and new guests alike will continue to make it their first choice for an exquisite dining experience especially when impressing the Exclusive Company Manchester escorts. It seems that a new dining venue or bar pops up each week in Manchester, which only affirms that Manchester’s appetite for elite social establishments is insatiable and it also confirms that RBG is a much loved constant institution in the city.

Attention to detail is crucial to the ultimate dining experience and Restaurant Bar and Grill executes this perfectly. With its ‘city’ atmosphere, outstanding cuisine and outstanding service, RBG is a force to be reckoned with and long may it enjoy it’s well deserved success. The philosophy is clear – classic, inspired and thoroughly motivated, all of which are delivered in a dedicated and unpretentious manner.